Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is a picture of the lines for 2 restaurants at the Seattle airport. The sign on your left denotes an asian restaurant with sushi, salads, and udon. The one on the right is, well, a popular American fast food joint.

See the lady in the salmon shirt? She is at the end of the line for sushi place - maybe 7-8 people at most. See the line behind her for the burger place? Add another 50% and you'll know how long it was.

What is WRONG with us?


  1. Fear of trying something new, fear of learning something new (don't want to strain my brain today), fear of "too small" portions, fear of not knowing the cost off the top of your head (will it be too much?) and fear of raw fish (me, ich indeed). :-)

  2. Dr. Wynn,

    I used to enjoy sushi and steak tartar many years ago, but I won't eat raw meat/seafood now -- especially in an airport. ;-)

    For all we know, the people dining at the Asian restaurant were eating katsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) and tempura (deep-fried shrimp, etc.), while the folks at the Burger King were munching on freshly prepared salads. LOL!

    Heidi Schmeck

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