Thursday, June 2, 2011

a new fountain for cats

A colleague turned me on to this new drinking fountain - it's mostly ceramic which is a big improvement over the plastic fountains that hold onto contaminants, bacteria and leach things like BPA.

See it here:


  1. Dr. Wynn, I just lost a second cat to cancer. The first was put to sleep November 2010, and the second just this month (June 2011). A third cat died two years ago of kidney failure, and he was only eight years old. I have felt that there has been an environmental link to our cat's deaths, although the last two passed away at the ages of 11 and 13, and it was just today that I thought of the plastic dishes that I had been using for their food and water. The first cat died of Lymphoma, and the most recent cat to die had cancer in her intestines. Since we still have one cat, a three-legged adoptee that we acquired after the cat died last November, I today quickly changed all his dishes out to stainless steel ones. I have ALWAYS used stainless steel containers for the dogs. Knowing that cats are more sensitive, why didn't I think of this for our felines? The last cat to die was mine and mine alone; maybe her death hit me hardest and made me think about the dangers of BPA, something I should have done long ago.

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